Otsego Soil & Water Conservation District
Phone number (607) 547-8337 ext. 4

Agricultural Assessments:

Agricultural Assessments are prepared from January 1 through March 1 each year.

There is a service fee per tax parcel.

Please call Otsego Soil & Water for an appointment. 

Additional Agricultural Assessment Information click and print

Soil Percolation Test for new Septics:

Soil Percolation Tests are performed during the spring, summer, and fall season.  Site preparation required by landowner.  

There is a minimum service fee per percolation plus hourly rate after first hour.

Please call Bob Weaver at (607) 547-8337 ext. 4 for an appointment, additional information and a quote.
G.I.S. Mapping:

Interested in having a map of your property?  What to know what types of soils on your property?

Call Otsego Soil & Water for an appointment with one of our staff members.  

They'ed be happy to provide you with a map.

Minimum fee for this service.

Pond Site Evaluations, Soils maps and information are additional services we provide.
When outside please be aware of the dangers of the following plants:

Giant Hot Weed, Wild Parsnip, Poison Hemlock

There are chemicals in these wild plants that cause what dermatologists call "phyto-photo-dermatitis."  There sap, in combination with moisture and sunlight, can cause severe skin and eye irritation, painful blistering, permanent scarring and blindness.    Contact between the skin and the sap of the plant occurs either through brushing against the bristles on the stem or breaking the stem or leaves. Blisters appear a day or two after sun exposure.  Soon after blisters rupture and the skin begins to heal. These plants poses a serious health threat.
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