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The Butternut Creek Watershed Assessment is a collaborative effort involving multiple agencies and numerous volunteers to complete a watershed wide assessment in the Butternut Creek Watershed. The project is part of grant received by the Upper Susquehanna Coalition from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Project components include compiling background information into a report, a physical assessment of the stream corridor, prioritization of restoration needs in watershed, and developing designs for high needs restoration areas. 

Otsego County Soil and Water Conservation District sends a huge thank you to all collaborators and volunteers for their survey and planning efforts to date!!!

​For more information contact: 
Erica Capuana, Buffer Coordinator
607-547-8337 Ext. 4

Project Partners
​Upper Susquehanna Coalition
Butternut Valley Alliance
Otsego County Conservation Association
SUNY Oneonta

Butternut Creek Watershed Assessment
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