Hydroseeding Service

The SWCD field crew has been working hard this summer to complete an ambitious 50+ loads of hydro-seeding along municipal infrastructure.  In cooperation with town and county highway supervisors, SWCD has identified, measured and prescribed erosion control practices for nearly 20 miles (approximately 16 acres) of road ditches, stream banks and areas deemed “sensitive” to erosion.  By providing a low-cost and often no-cost alternative for soil stabilization, SWCD affords routine maintenance with environmentally sound practice that ultimately maintains and improves local water quality.

SWCD also offers custom hydro-seeding to the private homeowner.  If you’re interested in an economical way to cover large areas, or sites where traditional seeding is difficult, call Chris Andreassen at the Otsego SWCD Office, (607) 547-8337 Ext. 4 for more information.
Otsego Soil & Water Conservation District
Phone number (607) 547-8337, ext. 4

Cooperstown, New York.