Otsego Soil & Water Conservation District
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Although flooding is a natural occurrence, a changing climate has, and will continue to, increase the incidence of high energy storms. Disturbed streams have become especially vulnerable to streambank erosion and mass failure resultant from such large storms. In response to this issue the Otsego County Soil & Water Conservation District has taken an active role in assessing and ameliorating stream and flood related problems throughout the county. The district provides technical assistance to landowners and municipalities in matters regarding stream assessment, stabilization and rehabilitation. The district also gives emergency stream intervention assistance following destructive flood events. This assistance includes emergency permitting, identifying where and where not to work, and instruction on how to properly remove debris and size a stream channel. 

The understanding of stream-science and stream management has changed greatly in recent years. As a result, techniques and strategies to manage streams has become more effective. Effective stream- management leads to greater flood resiliency and fewer maintenance issues.

Otsego County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Upper Susquehanna Coalition hosted a three day Emergency Stream Intervention (ESI) training for municipal highway departments in July and August of 2015. A reach of Otsdawa Creek adjacent to the Village of Otego park was rehabilitated on day two of the training.

Photo 1: Otsdawa Creek prior to construction..
Photo 2: Otsdawa Creek during construction.
Photo 3: Otsdawa Creek after construction.
Cooperstown, New York